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Get Cash for Unregistered Cars of All Types

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How to Cash Your Unregistered Vehicles

Driving unregistered vehicles can cause you problems; you can see the details here. So you need to get rid of your unregistered vehicles. And luckily, with us in the market, now it is very easy to cash your unregistered vehicles. There are very easy steps you need to take in order to get this done. To get cash for unregistered cars you need to:

1. Visit our site:
Browse and open our website on your cellphone, tablet or laptop using your web browser. (

2. Get a Free Quote:
Once you have opened our site you can get a free quote easily by filling out a small form; adding the details about your car or any vehicle you have. Soon we will offer you an amount for your vehicle and we can cut a deal that pleases you well.

3. Relax and We shall do the rest:
As soon as we have made the deal and timing for pick up and removal is set, you have nothing to do. Our team will be at your place on the decided time and will pay you the promised amount at your doorstep; and instantly take care of your car.

A reminder about driving unregistered vehicles

Under normal circumstances, it’s not worth it to take an unregistered vehicle out onto the road. If police catch you, you’ll face a whole heap of awful consequences. Not only they can fine you for driving without registration and without insurance, but police can take off the car’s number plates and even lawfully seize it if they choose.
You can only legally drive an unregistered vehicle in Australia if you’re heading out to get it registered. Any possible use requires that the vehicle is in safe working condition to venture out onto the road.
In certain situations, you may be forced to drive an unregistered vehicle for a limited amount of time for a very specific purpose. This could be the result of purchasing a vehicle interstate and having to drive it back home to get it registered, or it could be a one-off move of a vehicle from one place to another, or you may need to drive your unregistered race car on the road.

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How to register an unregistered car?

It is very clear that when you cannot drive an unregistered car or any other vehicle, you can either sell it or you can register it and drive. In Australia all vehicles are registered in a State or Territory. We call it ‘The Registration’ or ‘The Rego’. Regulations vary from state to state which can make the process of buying and selling vehicles a bit complicated. Checkout our complete guide with all the information you might need on the ‘Rego’ to help you purchasing and selling a vehicle in Australia. The ‘Rego’ is a document that identifies your vehicle. It is mandatory to have a valid Rego to drive a vehicle in Australia. The Rego must also be in the name of the owner of the vehicle, so it is necessary to transfer the Rego to your name when your purchase a Vehicle.